Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Emma in Clifton, Bristol.

She wanted to get some outdoor shots similar to the fashion shots you’d see taken in somewhere like Holborn, London. I decided on Clifton as it’s got a lot of choice when it comes to classier backgrounds.

Emma is relatively new to modelling but you wouldn’t have guessed it as she needed little to no direction in front of the camera.

Although we had one outfit, we did a couple of different looks by changing up backgrounds and introducing a single speed light for some edgier low key looks.

I haven’t shot portraits for a while but this was a fun shoot to inspire me to get back into it.

Cheers Emma!

Hey guys,

I’ve been really pushing myself to shoot more portraits over the past few months and the hard work is beginning to pay off.

My shoot with Tara for the magazine submission was accepted and so I should be a published photographer later this month, which is awesome news. I’ve also invested in some new gear and have been working really hard learning Photoshop so that I can professionally retouch my photos instead of just pushing Lightroom to its limits.

The results of my hard work and the awesome models I’ve worked with recently have really elevated my portrait work onto a new level, so much so that I decided to set up a dedicated Instagram feed just for my portraiture (@craigpittsportraiture) along with a brand new portfolio site (currently under construction).

I hope the skills and experience I’ve gained over the past few months will benefit not only myself as a photographer but my clients also. I also hope to gain more experience in the commercial side of portraiture, specifically magazines so my goal for 2016 is to get published a lot more, which means working on some amazing concepts with talented teams.

Here’s a few portraits that I’ve taken recently, both commercial and conceptual:

For those interested in shooting with me, either standard portraiture or to work on a concept, please contact me via the Contact Form and I’ll be in touch.



Hey guys,

I’ve not posted for a while, it’s been a crazy past month with so much going on. I’ve been shooting more than ever and I’m in the process of building a new dedicated portfolio site, so that’s taken up most of my free time.

Here’s a couple of cool urban/landscape shots I’ve captured over the last few months:

I post the majority of my latest work over on my Instagram Feeds: @craigpittsphoto and @craigpittsportraiture so if you want to stay up to date, give me a follow.

Otherwise I have big plans this year so look out for my new portfolio site due in the next month or so and I’ll also be blogging on here when I go on my next photography adventure.

Happy New Year all!


Hi guys,

Here’s a selection of images from a recent magazine submission shoot with Tara-Rose who you may recognise from some of my previous shoots.

This is my first time shooting with a specific theme and goal in mind and with a team.

The theme was ‘eco’ with Tara modelling dresses she’d made herself out of recycled material, whilst shooting on location in the Royal National Park.

Technically it was a challenging shoot with both difficult light conditions and elements such as smoke which were unpredictable but the team did a great job.

Check out the images below:

Photographer: Craig Pitts

Model: Tara-Rose Myers

Assistant: Chase Putnam

Make-Up: Linda Popovic

Massive thanks to the team, you all did a great job!


I recently got the opportunity to help Tara produce a few beach boudoir shots modelling her homemade lingerie.

We did the shoot early morning at the famous Bondi Beach.

As I didn’t have an assistant holding a reflector I had to strongly back and side light Tara in order not to turn her into a silhouette.

I usually like to shoot dark and edgy portraits so it was a challenge for me having to edit the shots a lot more subtly than I’m used to so that the shots look more natural but I’m happy with the results.

Here’s a few from the shoot below:

I’ve got a few cool shoots in the pipeline including an abandoned building, smoke and a couple of flashes for dramatic lighting so stay tuned!


On Tuesday I went to an Instameet hosted by @matjoez which was held at the top of Sydney’s tallest building, the Sydney Tower.

The plan was to shoot the sunset and then into the night, unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and the sunset was pretty much non-existent.

Not 100% satisfied with the few decent shots I got, I decided to go back up the tower last night and I’m glad I did as I got to witness this beautiful scene unfold.

Sydney Tower Sunset

Here’s a few other shots that I captured at the Instameet:


Last night I checked off another ‘wish list’ shot whilst I’m here in Sydney and that’s take a set of sunset shots from Bradleys Head.

Bradleys Head is located in North Sydney so offers perfect vantage points of the sun setting over the city skyline and harbour bridge.

I used a 10 stop ND filter to shoot long exposures ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes to get some awesome water and cloud to complement the colours in the sky.

Here’s a few of my favourite shots of the night:

Bradleys Head Sunset Bradleys Head Sunset Bradleys Head Sunset



Palm Beach is a northern beachside suburb of Sydney.

Those of you interested in popular culture may know it as the location of Aussie soap Home & Away.

I wanted to get a shot of the beach at sunset but as the sun sets on the West and the beach faces East, I needed a vantage point where I could get a wide angle that included the sunset and the beach.

At the far end of the beach is Barrenjoey Headland, where the Barrenjoey Lighthouse sits. After scouting out whether it was feasible to climb the lighthouse for a shot (it wasn’t) I decided to climb up onto the cliff face to get a high vantage point and here’s the final result below:

Palm Beach NSW Sunset

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot a panorama of the CBD district of Sydney from a 51st floor apartment in the heart of the city.

Normally to get a shot from that height you have to shoot through glass or get access to a roof but luckily this apartment had a large slide window big enough for me to shoot three separate shots that I edited, synced and then stitched together all using Adobe Lightroom.

The sunset wasn’t as strong as I wanted and there was a lot of cloud around so I focused on creating a dramatic image which contrasted heavily between the deep blue sky and the warm orange glow of the city lights.

Here’s the final result below:

Sydney CBD Panorama


It’s been a while since I shot a selective black and white architectural image with my focus being on portraiture but the other day whilst out in the city, I decided to shoot The Art Gallery of NSW to create such an image.

The original shot was bland and boring but that’s what I love about the power of Lightroom and your individual creativity, you can literally create anything you want.

Check out the before and after shots below:

Art Gallery of NSW-Craig