Today I was meant to be on a shoot in what sounds like a really interesting location at an old abandoned hospital in the city but unfortunately it got postponed.

Instead I spent a few hours in the harsh midday sun with the lovely Olalla taking a few portraits.

Being the midday sun, it wasn’t ideal with the harsh light but after exploring a little bit I managed to find a few locations with some interesting light.

I shot all of the portraits on the Canon 6D with the amazing 5omm 1.4 and then decided to do two in colour and two in black and white.

Thanks to Olalla who has never posed before, apart from the odd selfie 😉


Today I took on my first real attempt at portrait photography here in Bondi, Sydney.

I’m keen to expand my skill base into more commercial lines of photography so have decided to take on a number of TFP shoots to build my experience and portfolio of portraiture.

I had the pleasure of shooting the lovely Hayley today during the sunrise on Bondi Beach. I shot with a Canon 6D with a 24-105mm f4 L lens and a Canon 600D with a 50mm f1.4 lens.

It was a challenge and also a lot of fun. I’m not sure whether I want to specialise in just black and white or colour portraits so I experimented with both and liked how the below shots turned out.


I’ve recently started scouting locations for an upcoming photo book I’m doing on Sydney. One of the locations I’ll be spending a bit of time in is Circular Quay.

Whilst I was down there the other evening, I decided to try out a panorama of the city skyline.

Here’s the end result.

Circular Quay Skyline Panoramic
The beautiful Sydney skyline at night

I’ve not been an active photographer for a while since leaving the UK almost a year ago to embark on my dream journey to Australia.

Since I’ve now settled a bit in Bondi Beach, I’m planning on getting back into my photography and this morning I kicked off my day by trying to capture the sunrise over Bondi’s famous beach.

Unfortunately it was cloudy and wet so the sunrise wasn’t great but I did end up with a couple of shots that I really liked.



bondi beach sunrise
The “Blue Hour”
Bondi Beach Sunrise
Too cloudy today but a decent effort!


Hi guys,

Here’s a few shots taken from a recent trip to Cheddar Gorge.

I’ve recently started getting an interest in editing in the style of old film cameras and film. I really like the aesthetic and it makes it feel like the photos were taken years ago.

As I hadn’t been to Cheddar since a kid, editing these following shots in Kodak Ultramax 800+++ brought back memories of school trips to Wookey Hole caves!



Cheddar Gorge Cliffs

Cheddar Gorge Cliffs

Cheddar Gorge Cliffs

Cheddar Gorge Cliffs

Hey guys,

Had the privilege of shooting a happy couple’s engagement party over the weekend.

This was a new experience and a challenge for me, given I’m used to shooting subjects in a controlled environment and with complete control over the light sources.

Shooting a party scene in low light turned out to be quite a challenge but I’m happy with the results and came away with some nice shots that I hope captured the spirit of the event.

Below are a few of my favorite shots, edited in a timeless black and white style (my favorite style!)

Special thanks to Natasia and Jamie for giving me the opportunity to capture an important event in your lives and I wish you all the best for the future!


Recently, my dearest Nan turned the grand old age of 90.

It’s an impressive feat, one made even more impressive given her independent nature as she still lives on her own, looking after herself on a daily basis.

I wanted to give her a gift that captured her spirit and I think the portrait I did below does that pretty well.

Happy Birthday Nan!

My Nan at 90


After watching a tutorial from the legendary Serge Ramelli on creating the ‘Hollywood’ look in Lightroom using Split Toning, I decided to take my motorcycle into a nearby field and give it a go myself.

The premise of Split Toning is to alter the tint in the highlights and the shadows of an image or film. The Hollywood look inputs a shade of orange into the highlights and a shade of blue into the shadows, creating a unique look with the emphasis on making the actors/actresses ‘pop’.

The look can also be applied to images to give them a unique feel, which I have tried on the shots of my motorcycle below.

Shot 1

The original shot is not bad straight out of the camera. There is some details lost in the highlights and shadows but it’s a decent composition.

Motorcycle Photography

The next shot is after it was retouched using the Hollywood technique. I recovered a lot of detail from the highlights and shadows before adding some clarity to the image. I cropped it slightly and removed the distracting flash unit on the right. Finally I added an orange tint into the highlights and some blue into the shadows until I was happy with the end result.

Motorcycle Photography
The ‘Hollywood’ look

Shot 2

Again this shot straight from the camera isn’t a bad image in itself. The composition is good but again there is lost detail in the highlights and shadows. The bag in the right of the shot is distracting and needs removing.

Motorcycle Photography
Straight from the camera

Below is the retouched version using the Hollywood look technique. The orange tint in the highlights makes the sunset look more aesthetically pleasing whilst the details recovered give the image a more dramatic look. Using Lightroom’s radial filter, I added more clarity and exposure to the bike making it pop without over exposing the background. The bag was removed using the spot removal tool.

Motorcycle Photography
The Hollywood look

Overall I’m happy with my first attempt at using Split Toning in Lightroom. I really like how shot 2 turned out, it reminds me of the kind of image you’d see in a marketing campaign. I’ll continue to play around with the Hollywood look and see how I can apply it to different types of photography in the future.


Finally getting into the swing of the New Year and what better way to start it than to share one of my favourite images taken over the festive period.

I didn’t have the camera out much over Christmas but I had it with me on Christmas Day and the shot below is an example of how the perfect shot can just ‘happen’ and if you don’t have a camera with you, it’s gone forever.

Our cat Willow decided to get into the festive spirit by jumping into an empty box out of curiosity or just to avoid the minefield of wrapping paper. Immediately I took a few snaps and fortunately she was fixated on something across the room so I jumped on the floor to take this unusual but interesting portrait shot.

Pet Photography
Original Shot

On review of the shot I thought it would make a fantastic black and white portrait and here is the final result!

Pet Photography
Final Result


Astrophotography. A word I was not familiar with until I saw a fascinating news article the other day showcasing some extraordinary photography of the milky way by a mid-twenties photographer.

Sure, I was aware that you can take pictures of the stars but it never crossed my mind to try, but after seeing some of the amazing results you can get with modern DSLR’s these days, I decided to give it a go.

Last night, I headed up to Stinchcombe Hill, the nearest place to where I live where I thought I could get a remotely dark sky. Armed with my DSLR, a tripod, a flash and a remote, I found a suitable location with a decent composition.

As it turns out, I didn’t realise just how much light pollution affects how much of the sky we can see! It was also bloody cold so I decided not to stick around too long and to just have a quick play around with the different settings to see what results I could come up with.

Below is a series of images starting with the shot straight from the camera, two shots that were retouched in Lightroom and then the final image which is a composition of the two retouched photos (My settings were 12mm at f5.6, ISO 400 for 90s).

Stinchcombe Hill Astrophotography
Straight from the camera. The moon created a colour cast over the sky!
Stinchcombe Hill Astrophotography
Retouched but still needs work done to remove some flaws.
Stinchcombe Hill Astrophotography
Synced and ready to merge with the above shot.
Stinchcombe Hill Astrophotography
Final Image

After some research, I realised that to get the best shots of the stars I needed a wider aperture with higher ISO and a shorter shutter speed. But I’m happy with the final result for the first try.