Up until very recently I was unaware that there was such things as Worldwide Instameets where groups of Instagrammers get together all over the globe to meet, connect and share their love of Instagram.

So stood outside Commons House in Sydney on a Sunday morning I was excited to participate in my first ever Instameet, WWIM12_SYD.

There was a few themes for the day, Architectural, Portraiture and Flatlay.

Being a portrait photographer, I found myself shooting portraits all day using one snooted flash that I had with me from a shoot earlier that morning.

Here’s a few of my favourite shots of the day.

Thanks to all the hard work that went into organising the day and I look forward to the next one at the end of the month!


My latest photoshoot was with model Amy Hill in a super secret (not really..) location somewhere near the city in a burnt out warehouse.

Since the fire, graffiti artists and squatters alike have left their mark on the old warehouse making it an awesome location for an edgy dramatic photoshoot, which was exactly what we did.

For the shoot I used a couple of speed lights and a flash bender to make dramatic light and on one of the shots even hid a flash to create an ethereal effect (guess which shot…)!

In post I did minimal work, mainly just tweaking the colours and adding a bit of clarity to the backgrounds to give it that edgy look.

Check out some of my favourite shots below:

Check out more of Amy over on her Facebook Page – Amy Hill Model


I’ve been here in Sydney for near six months now and have yet to experience the sunset over the Harbour Bridge from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

That changed on Sunday evening and whilst I was there I decided to shoot a panorama of the harbour.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any cloud in the sky so I waited till it was almost dark to create some interesting foreground using the reflections from the city lights.

Here’s the final result!

Sydney Harbour at Sunset


This weekend is the 2015 Comic Con here in Sydney and what better way to get involved than to do a themed photoshoot!

My model for the shoot was the lovely Tara-Rose Myers who you might recognise from a shoot we did a while back on Bondi Beach.

Tara was dressed in a homemade Poison Ivy outfit and I decided on an edgy portrait shoot back at the graffiti tunnel I used on a recent shoot.

I used two speed lights and a variety of modifiers to achieve the results I wanted. Although some of the shots look like they were done in a studio they were all taken on location!

Here’s some of my favourite shots from the shoot.


First time shooting night portraits last night with one speed light and a shoot-through umbrella.

The location was so dark that I had to shoot at ISO800 & shutter speed of 1/20 to get even a hint of detail in the background.

In hindsight I should have bumped the speed up a bit and lowered the ISO and just lit my model with the flash as I ended up with low key portraits anyway.

Still, I like the way they turned out and enjoyed getting to grips with the world of off camera flash photography.


My shoot with Helmi was my first time using off-camera flash for portraiture.

I’d scouted a location within Sydney University called the graffiti tunnel, which was perfect for some dramatic urban portraits.

I shot with the 24-105mm F4 lens at F4 & F5.6 and used a Yongnuo 560iii with a shoot through umbrella to light Helmi and the background.

My intention was to produce full colour edits however I usually shoot in monochrome to see more easily where the shadows fall on my subjects and I instantly liked how the shots were coming out in black and white.

The campus open day was on so there was a lot of foot traffic coming through the relatively small tunnel but we ended up with some really cool shots that I minimally post produced in Macphun Tonality (a brilliant black and white piece of editing software).

Here’s a few of the final images we ended up with, I really like the results.

Thanks to Helmi for a fun shoot!


My latest photoshoot was with model Kobi Collins.

I’m still a complete beginner when it comes to shooting people so working with an experienced model like Kobi was a real pleasure as well as a learning experience.

Unfortunately by the time we started the shoot the majority of the best light had gone so we had to move fast to get a good range of shots in, which is where Kobi’s experience of knowing what poses make good images helped, leaving me just to focus on getting the shot.

I’m still undecided on a specific style I want to shoot in going forward so I edited the shots both in colour and black and white to see which I preferred.

By the time the last shots were taken the light was practically non-existant and my lighting equipment hadn’t arrived yet so I had to improvise using a street light on the promenade above as the key light, which actually made some pretty cool images.

You can check out more of Kobi by following the link here –> http://jeepmanagement.com/profile/models/kobi-collins/

Also thanks to Beverley Ford, our make-up artist on the day.


Just found some time to upload these shots from a shoot I did with backpacker Havanna Bribiesca from Mexico.

Havanna told me she didn’t like posed glamour type shots so instead we decided to try to get a few more lifestyle themed portraits.

The shoot was in the harsh midday sun down on Bondi Beach so to get the following shots, I had to find interesting areas of shade and use a reflector to help fill in some of the harsher shadows.

It was a windy day and I shoot solo so trying to stop the reflector flying away whilst directing the shot was a bit of a challenge but I’m happy with the following set of images.

Thanks Havanna for the fun shoot!


Hey everyone.

My latest photo shoot again took place on the beautiful Bondi Beach, Sydney with Aussie friends Rachel Guest and Tara-Rose Myers. The instruction was to shoot a fun swimwear inspired theme on the beach.

Unfortunately by the time we started the sun had dipped over the horizon and we managed to miss some of the best light for backlighting but nevertheless at this time the light is really soft and perfect for shooting portraits.

I split the shoot into two different styles based on what I thought would look good and the equipment/light I had available to me.

The first part of the shoot I focussed on getting some nice swimwear styled shots with the models posing in the breaking waves close to the shoreline. I shot these with the Canon 6D with the 24-105mm F4L lens.

Here’s a few of my favourite shots of each model from part 1 of the shoot.



The second part of the shoot I switched to my trusty 50mm F1.4 to shoot some black and white fashion magazine styled headshots with the models posing further up the beach on the sand.

I made the decision to go black and white with these as by this time the light was almost non-existent and I had no flash equipment with me. I had to bump the ISO quite high but the 6D is amazing in low light and with a few tweaks in post, the images have virtually no noise, which is great.

Here’s my favourite shots from part 2 of the shoot:



I’m really happy with how this shoot turned out given the relatively little time we had to get set up and get the shots in before the light went.

I have a load more cool shoots to come over the coming weeks and I have a load of lighting equipment on which I can’t wait to incorporate into my shoots.

Stay tuned.


Yesterday was my first photo shoot with a specific theme and goal in mind; to shoot an urban dance inspired theme and also a set of sunset yoga poses.

As a photographer it’s usually your job to direct your subject, in this case the very flexible Ania, however I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea about the intricacies of dance so I immediately felt like this would be a challenge.

Fortunately Ania took complete control of the poses and left me alone to worry about composition and what kind of look I wanted to go for.

Ania wanted to come away with some dance poses against an urban background and after finding a background that I knew would pop with some colour tweaks in post, we ended up with some decent shots. In post I underexposed the background and used a radial filter on Ania to make her stand out against the busy graffiti.

For the yoga poses, I resisted the urge to follow my typical landscape workflow which is usually very dramatic and instead kept it very low key with minimal work in post.

It’s definitely the most challenging shoot I’ve done yet but I learned a lot and it was great fun.

Big thanks to Ania for the collaboration!


– Craig